How to Draw Mickey Mouse

draw Mickey Mouse drawingWho’s the most popular cartoon character known in the world today? If you guessed Mickey Mouse, then give yourself a pat on the back. This character has to be the most familiar toon in history. No one is sure when Mickey’s popularity span will die off. I remember watching the cartoons all the time. He was always my favorite character. He has a voice that’s similar to a mouse’s and the personality of an outgoing and curious cat. I remember watching a cartoon mix of Goofy, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Mickey. The movie was called “the Three Musketeers.” In this fun filled lesson, you will learn “how to draw Mickey Mouse step by step. Of course I had to submit a lesson on this Disney character. Who in the world wouldn’t submit a tutorial on a hero to small kids? Teachers always have coloring pages of Mickey for the kids in school to have fun and color. Drawing Mickey shouldn’t be so hard. After all, who said drawing anthro mice was hard at all?

Step 1. Draw the very basic proportions of Mickey’s body. This means to draw a large circle for the head, a wire frame for the body, and some guidelines for the arms and hands. How simple is that? I’m sure drawing a few wire frames and circle shapes can’t be too hard.

Step 2. Next, sketch out the key features to Mickey’s face. The small oval eyes for his face will definitely indicate that it already looks like Mickey. Lightly draw some shapes of the body. Go easy now, don’t rush the drawing or you’ll end up erasing a lot of lines. Make sure you take your time and really figure out what goes where. Use the images for a reference.

Step 3. Begin this step by drawing more details. The most interesting details to draw in this step is the large circular ears, the gloved hands, and the rest of his body. Don’t forget to sketch out his nose! Drawing all of this will result into something you’ve always wanted! See how the tutorial outcome is looking like Mickey Mouse? It’s so much fun watching something progress the way you want it too.

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How to draw Mickey Mouse

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